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The Office of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation will serve as the central repository of assessment information and as the focal point for University-wide assessment activities. As such, this office will develop general guidelines and procedures for assessing the effectiveness and student learning outcomes. In particular, through programs and services, the OIAE will:

  • Elicit faculty, staff and student involvement in the development of assessment techniques, strategies, methods and tools to enhance learning, teaching and scholarly productivity and institutional effectiveness and provide reliable information that is used to improve program quality, effectiveness and efficiency (Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability);

  • Conduct research in support of strategic planning, program improvement, and resources allocation by utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methodologies so that the results can be used to improve the quality of educational experiences at the University (Research); and

  • Serve as assessment and evaluation consultants and technical support personnel to other University offices, units, departments and individuals on the institutional, unit or program level (Education).he mission of the Office of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation (OIAE) shall be to coordinate and monitor a campus-wide assessment program that reflects the University′s mission and includes strategies for examining individual academic programs and support units for their effectiveness and the ways in which these programs and units interact to fulfill the University′s mission.