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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Assessment and Evaluation (OIAE) shall be to coordinate and monitor a campus-wide assessment program that reflects the University’s mission and includes strategies for examining individual academic programs and support units for their effectiveness and the ways in which these programs and units interact to fulfill the University‘s mission.

Overview of the Assessment Process

Assessment begins with defining goals and objectives. Goals are defined with respect to the institution and to its constituents – students, faculty, administrators, staff, and alumni. Assessment of goals at the institutional level has to reflect the vision of the leadership of the university and be grounded in its mission. The University’s mission provides a statement of the institution’s identity and is central to everything it does. The following is June 2009, recommended revised statement of Howard University‘s mission:

Howard University, a culturally diverse, comprehensive, research intensive and historically Black private university, provides an educational experience of exceptional quality at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels to students of high academic standing and potential, with particular emphasis upon educational opportunities for Black students. Moreover, the University is dedicated to attracting and sustaining a cadre of faculty who are, through their teaching, research and service, committed to the development of distinguished, historically aware, and compassionate graduates and to the discovery of solutions to human problems in the United States and throughout the world. With an abiding interest in both domestic and international affairs, the University is committed to continuing to produce leaders for America and the global community.


An analysis of this mission statement suggests that the following overarching and foundational goals are central to Howard University‘s mission and must be included in the assessment of institutional outcomes:

  • Recruitment of students of high academic potential, especially promising Black students

  • Provision of an educational experience of exceptional quality (for enrolled students)

  • Ability to attract and sustain a faculty who, through their research and teaching, helps Howard University maintain or exceed its status as a comprehensive, research-oriented university

  • Development of distinguished graduates

  • Development of compassionate graduates

  • Quest for solutions to human and social problems

    • in the United States

    • throughout the world